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Kill Team thoughts

Kill Team thoughts

This post is on my Kill Team thoughts and musings.  I wanted to do this post when I received the box set of Kill Team, however I had a few things going on that prevented that.  This will not be a full in-depth review on game mechanics etc, as I don’t currently have enough experience in that to develop accurate thoughts on the matter.  Instead, I will be looking at the contents of the box and give some immediate opinions on said items!  In my previous post, I had mentioned that I had pre-ordered Kill Team: Rogue Trader which has since arrived.  I will endeavour to do something similar for that next week.  In this box set, you get two Kill Teams:  the Genestealer Cult and the Skitarii teams.  You also get: some scenery, a massive 208 soft back book, missions and tactics, die, tokens and a measure.

Kill Teams

The two Kill Teams contained are on different sprues, red for the Skitarii and grey for the Genestealer Cult.  Miniatures available to be built are 10 Genestealer Cult Neophytes and 10 Skitarii Rangers or Vanguard.  These will be enough to get you and a friend up and running, or it will leave you with two teams to play with.  There is a bit of variation here, mixing and matching bodies which will enable you to have three specialists and the remainder as regular troopers.

Kill Team sprues


In this box set, you will find scenery to build up some sector Imperialis Kill Zone.  Along with the plastic scenery, you will find a reversible play mat to play Kill Team upon.  This is a step up from the scenery that came with Mordheim, certainly!  You can acquire more sector Imperialis scenery from stores, as well as different Kill Zones.  There are a variety of different sectors to both make and buy scenery for including: death worlds, sector Mechanicus and sector Munitorum.

Kill Team scenery


The book itself contains the meat of the content.  The book is split into four main sections:  Shadow War, Rules, Missions and Kill Teams.  Shadow War is at the beginning with a basic introduction to the team types, theatres of war etc.  The rules contain both the basic and advanced rules for the game.  The list for the mission types is divided into the different phases, open, matched and narrative type missions.  There are break downs for each individual Kill Team and everything to do with the teams.  There are listings for squad specialists, the playable teams, team colours and listings for campaigns.  You can obviously run individual missions as you see fit, however you can also run a series of interconnected missions that tell a narrative.  Winning and losing missions will increase or decrease one of four resources: intelligence, materiel, morale and territory.  Starting with a set amount of points, once you lose all of your points you are reduced to a guerrilla faction – where you have essentially lost.  The last remaining team with points being the clear winner.

Kill Team manual


Along with the main parts of the set you will get some dice, various markers and a measuring device.  The measuring device is just a strip of plastic with measurements on – this will be sufficient to get you up and running.  I personally use an old tape measure that does the job just as well.  There are faction specific dice available, included in the separate team box sets and available on their own.  The counters I believe I generic and you could probably rustle up some faction specific counters.  I don’t have an image, however there are two books or lore or backstory for the different teams and guidelines on sticking the miniatures together.


To sum up my Kill Team thoughts, personally, this would be a fun way to dip your toe into the 40K universe.  I find that this is an excellent way to collect a few different miniatures from different factions.  This keeps costs of collecting new armies to a minimum in a similar fashion to Shadespire or my beloved Mordheim.  As long as Games Workshop continues to support it, I have high hopes for it.  I am looking forward to running a Grey Knight Kill Team, Genestealer Cult and who knows what else!  This will also give a good opportunity to make some interesting scenery and objectives to fight over.  You will be able to purchase Kill Team from Element Games using this link here.