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Ultramarines Second Company

Ultramarines Second Company

This is a break down of my Ultramarines Second Company that I am currently working upon.  I started collecting this Company when I purchased the Armageddon Battle Company box set back in 2008.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints back then, only one squad of marines was finished and another two squads were ready for paint.  Everything was then packed up and put into the attic to gather dust!

So, 3 squads needed to be moved onto 32mm bases which I have purchased. I also have since found 1 plastic dreadnought, which I had “battle damaged” back then. I’m not entirely keen on it, but I shall keep on with it. I do seem to remember purchasing a bunch of Ultramarine shoulder pads, alongside doors for each of the 9 rhino vehicle and a FW dreadnought – the one with the awesome tyranid banner pole. I shall be doing my best to locate these things, as I hate to think of wasting the money!

For the other marines, I am currently removing arms and weaponry ready to get glued into position. I will be priming and painting in subassemblies, but also using a different paint scheme!! Something a bit brighter and with red gun casings.

So *hopefully* with both dreadnoughts, I do have 8 rhinos and one razorback – for the life of me I can’t find my old original razorback with the metal turret! Alongside those, I have my old Space Wolf predator annhilator as well to paint up in the Ultramarines scheme!

I will be be painting some of these up on my Twitch stream, so do make sure to swing by!