Miniatures are returning

Miniatures are returning

The miniatures are returning to my life!  Having spent the last twenty years or so of my life playing PC games, I am extremely happy to be returning to the hobby.  I last picked up a paint brush probably back in 2008, right before I had quit my job. Packing everything up and storing it in the attic was the next step and frankly forgot about everything for a while.  I was rummaging through the attic the other week and stumbled over all of my old miniatures.  After stumbling from the Games section to Creative over on Twitch, I noticed there were a lot of excellent artists.  This made me decide to return to the hobby and use Twitch as a method of recording my progression.


Apocalypse box set - Space Marine company
One Adeptus Astartes (Space Marine) Battle Company


The miniatures that I paint are currently mostly Games Workshop. Work is underway on painting the 2nd Company of the Ultramarines, along with collecting the 1st Company.  To offset all of the blue, I have decided to get some Genestealers  and Death Guard.  In the Age of Sigmar game, I am collecting a Tzeentch army.  I have also located my old Morheim boxed set, so no doubt I will be putting together some more warbands in the future.  Speaking of warbands, I also purchased Kill Team – I will be running some Genestealer Cults, Death Guard and Orks.


Mordheim boxed set
Mordheim boxed set


Kill Team boxed set
Kill Team boxed set


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Social media has been set up, to an extent.  I rarely use Facebook these days, although I shall be posting blog posts etc and images there soon.  Twitter is probably the quickest way to get in touch with me currently.

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